Indications :

Prolyte is indicated in treatment and prevention of dehydration and hyponatremia caused by any reason like diarrhea or excessive sweating due to heat or exercise.

  Prolyte can also be used for dehydration  caused by other reasons like excessive body fluid loss due to trauma, burns, polyuria  etc as long as  oral ingestion is possible .
  Directions For Use :

Add 1 teaspoonful of prolyte powder (approx 5.7 g)  in 1 glass of water (approx 200 ml ),stir  and drink slowly. (Water may be previously boiled and cooled if source of water is contaminated otherwise normal potable water can be used)

  Caution :

Use with caution in impaired renal function or intestinal obstruction.

  Storage conditions :

Store in a cool dry place .
“After reconstitution any unused solution should be discarded no later than 1 hour after preparation unless stored in a refrigerator when it may be kept for upto 24 hours”

  Mode Of Action :
Glucose –solute co-transport mechanism
Prolyte 5.7 g -Orange Flavour +Lime flavour
Packing: 1 box x 40 sachets of 5.7 g each
Each  bag makes 175 litres of the solution on reconstitution.
Prolyte 28.5 g – Orange & Lime Flavour
Packing: 1 box x 10 sachets of 28.5 g each
Each sachet makes 1 litre of solution on fully reconstituting.
Prolyte 5 kg –Orange & lime flavour
Packing – 1 bag of 5 kg
Each  bag makes 175 litres of the solution on reconstitution.

  (It is effective in preventing heat exhaustion by increasing rate of rehydration and supplementing with electrolytes lost in the sweating.)

Prolyte meets the guidelines  of W.H.O. for ideal oral rehydration therapy and its ingredients fall within the recommended range by W.H.O. for ideal oral rehydration therapy

  Prolyte provides FASTEST  REHYDRATION  compared to other formulas designed for quick energy replenishment with glucose for sportspersons.
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