Ingredients :

Prolyte contains oral rehydration salts to deliver optimum concentrations of Glucose and electrolytes  for physiological replenishment of fluid and electrolyte loss caused by any reason like diarrhea or excessive sweating due to   heat or exercise.
Prolyte contains sodium, potassium, chloride, citrate, dextrose , orange flavour and excipients

  Composition :
  W.H.O. and UNICEF have published criteria for acceptable ORS formulations  which are SAFEST  & GIVE  FASTEST  REHYDRATION . These criteria are listed below. They specify desired characteristics of the solution after it has been prepared according to the instructions on the packet
  Desired  Characteristics of oral rehydartions solution-  v/s  Concentration of Prolyte on Reconstitution

The total substance concentration (including that contributed by glucose) should be within the range of 200-310 mmol/l

  The individual substance concentrations : 
Glucose should be atleast equal to that of sodium but should not exceed    111 mmol/l
Sodium should be within the range of 60-90 mEq/l
Potassium –should be within the range of 15-25 mEq/l
Citrate- should be within the range of 8-12 mmol/l
Chloride –should be within the range of 50-80 mEq/l
  Dosage :

Depending  upon age and severity of dehydration In Diarrhea :


Infants & Children: 1-2 litres (5-10 glasses) over a period of 24 hours

Adults:2-4 litres (10-20 Glasses) over a period of 24 hours.
In Heat Exhaustion:  1-2 glasses every1 or  2 hours depending on rate of sweating.
 &  ambient temperature & humidity    (refer our further discussion on heat exhaustion –link to next page).


Prolyte reduces chances of heat exhaustion and heat stroke when consumed before starting strenuous activity under hot conditions. 
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